women and plantation

Negative plantation impacts to local community

lose lite sources of local community, so far forest, farming land become profession of community, now it has been conversed for plantation, local community can not look fo forest result or forest product any more. And ironically, they can’t get the fire wood as material of cooking. For souely that concentrate on farming land as main production tool lose, its means life source lose too.

Plantation like oil palm become water crisis cause, because oil palm is hand of plant that absorb much water. Dry season will be in local community who live in plantation area.

Contamination of rivers and the other water source, that is caused by company of oil palm plantation that throw down waste to river.

For women, have bigger burden, except to manage domestic job, they have to look for water and fire wood, especially when water crisis and forest conversed.

Plantation and labour of plantation

so far, plantation company always say; plantation will provide big job vacancy that absorb many labours from local community. In fact, it is non sense. We can see from the amount of labours who work overthere. From one hundred hectare, only 36 people who work. For men who work to harvest oil palm, and for women who work to fertilize and take the fallen oil palm from tree. They are received salary amount Rp. 18.000/day, and as labour, they don’t get savety guarantee.

For men 60% and for women 40% can accsess to jobs created by these companies, so men greater access to jobs.

Plantation and led to migration

When all lands and forest have been conversed, local community don’t have production tool anymore for surviving life, they have one choice to do. They go to city for seeking ajob, eventhough they have no great skill in doing, and urbanization become the best wat to get better life. So, they get it.

Migration had impact on women, because take over as heads of families, when men migrated to other regions.

There is no yet complaints for fighting plantation company, because there is no yet that strengthen woman labours union and women organization’s right.

Plantation and impact to health

Plantation can result bad influence to ward health, for instance, decreasing quality of local community’s life, specially for women. It is caused by waste that goes to river. Every day people there consume contaminated water. Of course, it is not good for their health. On the other hand in working, plantation’s labour use pesticide and some thing else, which is very dangerous for health, they don’t use saver tool.

For women, contaminated water which is caused by waste, is very dangerous for their reproduction organ. Bioiogically, women are easer to get illness than men.