The Green Space Area's Policy and Eviction Urban Poor in Jakarta

by: Khalisah Khalid

As a big city with the increasingly worsen sanitasy, Jakarta needs the way to recover the condition of environment. The one of ways is allocates area of green space area (RTH). The next problem is the government implements the policy of its RTH construction by making the policy that put away city poor citizen from their life space. The research purpose of seeing importance conflict between the environmental importance and the basic right of city poor and how the accses and the control authority toward life space of citizen in Jakarta. The government’s consistence of DKI Jakarta in implementing RTH policy also will be analyzed. The taken case`study is the eviction toward poor citizen’s settlement in park “clean, Humane and Prestigious” (BMW) which was held on August, 24, 2008.

From this study, can be seen the policy unconsistence of government of DKI for implementing RTH. The importance struggle also seen by the domination of capitalist groups toward space structure, including RTH.

The conclusion is eviction of poor citizen for RTH importance is not a solution that can answer all of environmental and urban affairs’ problems. The access and the control of citizen supposed to be opened toward life sources, including the land as fair as possible. And, the urban affairs’ environmental problem also can not seen as simple as citizen growth that always become justificasy for evicting the poor citizen with the outsider label “illegal”. The paradigm and the economical policy that are chosen by the government is exploitative that support consumption level in the city, and take place the capitalists as power holder has supposed to be changed.

The supporting things migration rate from the village to the city suppose to be finished by national policy. As the consequence, the urban affairs’ problem supposed to be finished together with the crisis finishing that happened in the rural. Also including agrarian conflict finishing, that has caused the citizenry lost the access and the control of life.

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